Book Review- Neon Gods by Katee Robert (2021)

NOTE: Discussions of adult content
Love learning more about Greek myths? Intricate plotting? Well you wont find either in this book. What you will find is smut by the barrel load.

Neon Gods by Katee Robert

The general gist is this, Persephone is a society socialite and along with her sister’s are a gossip fodder as daughter to Demeter, one of the Thirteen who rule Olympus. Then she discovers she to be married to Zeus, who has an unfortunate habit of bumping off his previous wives. Desperate not to follow in their footsteps she flees to the lower city, ruled by Hades, an enigmatic figure.  The two strike a deal that will set Persephone free from Zeus’ clutches and gives Hades the revenge he craves. This is the first in the Dark Olympus series, with the second book, Electric Idol, released in January this year.

Things I disliked:
– plotwise it’s thin on the ground and what plot there is, has all the build up and foreplay but none of the climax
– the inconsistencies. Hades runs and takes part in these public sex parties and yet no one supposedly knows he exists
– world building. I found it confusing.
– they get to sexy business pretty quickly. I’d have liked more establishing of their attraction

What I loved:
– the discussions of consent. It’s refreshingly dealt with. Consent is continually sought and not just assumed after one act, that all acts are fair game
– the way the balance of power between Persephone and Hades constantly shifts. Yes, Hades is a dominant but it’s not the toxic kind I’ve read in a lot of books.
– talk and use of contraception – hurrah!
– both characters are bisexual and it’s not made a big thing of

But let’s talk about it as a piece of erotica, which is what this essentially is. It is very sexy and the frank sex chat had me blushing.

The exhibitionist kink was done well. Hades has what Persephone calls a sex dungeon in his house but its not really that, it’s more a private sex club. I read a review that described this book as heavy on the kink. It isn’t, at least not in my opinion. There wasn’t much BDSM. I loved the way shibari, or rope bondage was incorporated into the story.

It was great to see Persephone explore her kinky side, with Hades encouragement. She has a real sense of agency, which made this novel feel very sex positive.

If you’re looking for a steamy erotic romance with a twist, that doesn’t require too much brain power, then this book is for you.

It’s good to be back!

It’s been over a year since I last posted on here and a lot has happened in that time. For one thing, I went and got myself pregnant and had a baby, not to mention the small matter of there being a global pandemic.

I’d all but given up on ever returning to writing this blog. I regularly asked myself if anyone even reads blogs anymore? That was before I even got into the matter of whether I had anything worth saying.

All my energy was spent getting safely through my pregnancy and having a healthy baby. Anything remotely sex related went out the window.

I’m now 4 months post partum and taking care of a newborn baby has occupied every waking moment of my day. But as the months wore on I started to realise how much I missed writing.

When I began to suffer with post natal depression, I saw how little time I spent on myself and taking care of my own needs and so I decided to return to this blogging lark.

However, this won’t be the same blog is was before. I’ve decided to shift focus and step away from discussing my personal sex life as I did before and focus instead on book reviews of erotic literature, non-fiction works with a sex and relationship focus and more broadly sex education. I’ll continue to do the odd sex toy review, as well as lingerie reviews but I won’t be modelling any of them I’m afraid.

I want this to be a welcoming space for all; a place where we can discuss sex, relationships and intimacy openly and without judgement. But I also want it to be a non-stuffy environment that is accessible and fun.

Cyd xxx

Bi Visibility Day

Today, on BiVisibility Day, I thought I’d write a little something about my bisexuality, not because being bi is trendy or cool but because being sexually attracted to women is as natural for me as being attracted to men is.

Its not a phase

There’s no exact moment I can pinpoint when I ‘discovered’ I was bisexual. It was never that was. I think I always knew I was attracted to women but the mechanics of actually having sex with a woman seemed alien and scary to me. At school, in films and in the media I’d been inundated with images of heterosexuality as a teenager. Being ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ was touched upon briefly in the classroom, in an attempt to be more inclusive but bisexuality was never really mentioned. I never knew how ‘to be’ bi.

Even at University when many of my friends were openly bisexual, I still didn’t feel confident enough to explore this side of myself, manly because I was struggling with other aspects of my sexuality in general after experiencing a sexual assault.

My first sexual experience with a women was as part of a threesome with a married couple. I was attracted to both the husband and wife but I’d assumed going into it, that both myself and his wife would play with him and him with us. Prior to meeting we never discussed the wife and I playing together. It also happened to be my first threesome experience, so there were a lot of emotions and expectations flying around.

Upon first meeting the couple, they put me completely at ease. They said, if at any point I felt uncomfortable or didn’t want to go through with it, then I should let them know and we would stop. There was no pressure for me to do anything. This only made me want to spend the night with them even more. I knew they were the right people to have a threesome with and as the night drew on, the right woman to have my first bisexual experience with.


When it finally came to us all going back to the hotel room after dinner, it was all very relaxed and casual. The wife went into the bathroom to get changed into her lingerie and I lay on the bed kissing her husband. When she came out, wearing a black lace bodysuit I knew immediately that I wanted to have sex with her. She has a sumptuous curvy body and I desperately want to touch her.

The two of us started kissing and everything about it felt natural. I’d always been worried that I wouldn’t know what to do when the time came, but I need not have worried. She put me completely at ease and we kissed and touched for a long time, whilst her husband watched us. Then when it came to it, she initiated the oral sex and I reciprocated. It didn’t take me long to work out how she liked it and when she orgasmed, her whole entire body seemed to shake.

From then on, I knew this was something I was going to enjoy and was a natural part of my identity. I stopped thinking about my sexual orientation in terms of my relationship status. The two weren’t linked and it didn’t matter that I’d spent most of my life in relationships with men, I was still be bisexual. And more than that, it didn’t make me any less bisexual for having done so.

I’m writing this to challenge the biphobia I see all around me. The idea that eventually you’ll ‘pick a side’ or that you’re just ‘being greedy’.  I’m not ashamed of my bisexuality. It has made previous partners uncomfortable and I’ve tried to put them at ease as much as possible, but ultimately it is something that need reconcile themselves to and it isn’t my job to make them ok with my sexuality. When it came down to it, I know there was this fear that I would cheat on him with a woman. I’m not sure why he felt I wouldn’t cheat on him with a man, but nonetheless, he seemed far more concerned about that. This was largely down to having never been with a bisexual woman before.

Ripping dick – the perils of reverse cowgirl


Image from Cosmopolitan

This week I ripped a dick. That’s right, you did read that correctly, I ripped a dick. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know that was possible until this week.

Let me explain. A lover who I’d seen on two previous occasions came and paid me a visit. His particular preference has always been about using sex toys on me, preferably anal ones such as Thai love beads or my vibrating butt plug. However, since we’d been together a few times I felt comfortable enough asking for a little something different. I knew he could do kinky so I was keen to see if we could introduce some good old-fashioned vanilla sex into our love making. On top of that, after sex he’d usually have to leave straight away for work, whereas I prefer a greater level of intimacy with my kinky play. I spoke to him about what I wanted and he agreed to give it a try. He wanted me to ride him and agree to cuddles after sex.

We started off with oral; him on me, licking and sucking my clit and nibbling at my vulva. I enjoyed taking him in my mouth and I drove him crazy licking hat space between his balls and ass where his prostate is, so much so that he came over my first, the first time I’ve never let a man do that. I wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be besides finding some of it in my ear.

Whilst he was recovering, he played with me, teasing me with a glass dildo until he was hard again and told me to climb on top of him. I straddled him but it became clear after a few minutes that I couldn’t get into a steady rhythm so I decided to switch to reverse cowgirl. Big mistake.

Initially, it seemed to be going well. I finally found my rhythm and my clit felt stimulated. I let myself go and relaxed and really started going for it and as I wave of pleasure came over me, I leant forwards then back without thinking, a little far as it turns out. I felt what I thought at the time was him orgasming with a jolt but was actually him jolting in pain. On closer inspection when he pulled his foreskin back there was a small rip along the head of his cock.

I think it was safe to say we neve reached the cuddles part of the deal and I spent the rest of the time apologising.

It’s not all bad news, he did text me the following day asking if he could come again, as long as we never did reverse cowgirl again, and as good as his penis healed.

This incident also got me thinking about what other risky or slightly inadvisable sex positions were out there and I came across this article online in Men’s Health. You can read the full article here but as it turns out, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are considered some of the most dangerous sex positions for men and their penises. I can also assure you that I took note of the other 3 on the list to ensure I didn’t rip, bend or generally put anyone else’s penis out of action: Men’s Health: 4 riskiest sex positions

I’d also love to hear if you’ve experienced anything similar with this position. Maybe there’s a sex position you stay away from after a bad experience. Do let me know in the comments box.