About Cydney


Welcome to my blog. My name is Cydney and I’m a lingerie addict.

But that wasn’t initially why I set up this blog. I set up the Secret World of Cydney as a way to discuss openly and frankly sex and relationship matters. I wanted to share my own stories but also break the taboos around all things sex related. I strongly believe that by sharing our experiences, both the positive ones and the disasters, we cam all have better sex lives.

I also wanted to use the blog to share my love of erotic literature. This also expanded to include non-fiction works that explore sex and relationships. I’ve created a separate page on this blog called Those Naughty Reads for those are interested in reading along with me.

Then, not too long after starting my blog I also set up an Instagram page. At first I used it as an extension of my blog but I also found that I enjoyed sharing my love of lingerie, so it morphed into a lingerie account. My philosophy was simple; lingerie should be affordable, easy to get hold of and made for the curvier lady. These were and still are my core beliefs. This has now expanded onto this blog. I’m far from an expert but I felt like there were a lot of accounts that showcased high-end lingerie, but very few that were more on the affordable end. This blog are for just those people who want to look and feel sexy but still be able to pay their rent.

Cydney xx