Book Review- Neon Gods by Katee Robert (2021)

NOTE: Discussions of adult content
Love learning more about Greek myths? Intricate plotting? Well you wont find either in this book. What you will find is smut by the barrel load.

Neon Gods by Katee Robert

The general gist is this, Persephone is a society socialite and along with her sister’s are a gossip fodder as daughter to Demeter, one of the Thirteen who rule Olympus. Then she discovers she to be married to Zeus, who has an unfortunate habit of bumping off his previous wives. Desperate not to follow in their footsteps she flees to the lower city, ruled by Hades, an enigmatic figure.  The two strike a deal that will set Persephone free from Zeus’ clutches and gives Hades the revenge he craves. This is the first in the Dark Olympus series, with the second book, Electric Idol, released in January this year.

Things I disliked:
– plotwise it’s thin on the ground and what plot there is, has all the build up and foreplay but none of the climax
– the inconsistencies. Hades runs and takes part in these public sex parties and yet no one supposedly knows he exists
– world building. I found it confusing.
– they get to sexy business pretty quickly. I’d have liked more establishing of their attraction

What I loved:
– the discussions of consent. It’s refreshingly dealt with. Consent is continually sought and not just assumed after one act, that all acts are fair game
– the way the balance of power between Persephone and Hades constantly shifts. Yes, Hades is a dominant but it’s not the toxic kind I’ve read in a lot of books.
– talk and use of contraception – hurrah!
– both characters are bisexual and it’s not made a big thing of

But let’s talk about it as a piece of erotica, which is what this essentially is. It is very sexy and the frank sex chat had me blushing.

The exhibitionist kink was done well. Hades has what Persephone calls a sex dungeon in his house but its not really that, it’s more a private sex club. I read a review that described this book as heavy on the kink. It isn’t, at least not in my opinion. There wasn’t much BDSM. I loved the way shibari, or rope bondage was incorporated into the story.

It was great to see Persephone explore her kinky side, with Hades encouragement. She has a real sense of agency, which made this novel feel very sex positive.

If you’re looking for a steamy erotic romance with a twist, that doesn’t require too much brain power, then this book is for you.

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