Sex Toy Review – Jumping on the wand bandwagon

Sex Toy Review

It would seem as if I’m the last person on the sex blogging Earth to go out and buy themselves a wand. My reluctance to purchase one stemmed largely from the fact that I currently own quite a few toys. I have a number of bullets, a rampant rabbit, a g-spot vibrator and a glass dildo. Why, when I own all of these, would I also need a wand? As it turns out, I was very wrong.

The one I opted for was the Classic Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator from Lovehoney in black. For me, the white wand looked rather cheap, whereas in black, it had a more expensive sleek look about it. Plus I figured it would be easiest to keep clean.

Lovehoney wand

Lovehoney wand

For those that don’t know anything about the wands, they were first used as massagers until some filthy bugger discovered you could use it elsewhere and now it serves to send many men and women weak at the knees.

My first impressions were of how heavy it was. There’s some real weight to it, I’m guessing to incorporate the powerful motor inside. I also noticed how loud it was on the higher settings so you might want to keep that in mind if you’re not blessed with thick walls. I’d also recommend starting off on the lower settings which sounds like common sense but boy are those higher settings powerful (don’t say I didn’t warn you).

The first time I used it was with a partner. I was tied up, spread eagle. We experimented using the wand in different positions on the vulva and holding in at various angles. I loved how big the head of the wand was. When placed lower down against your vulva it fits perfectly into the curve of your crotch. After some experimentation I found that I preferred this position, rather than having it placed directly onto my clitoris. It was far too intense and it ended up just feeling numb otherwise.

Once I got use to the sensation, we used it with my glass dildo. This helped achieve both a g-spot and clitoral orgasm. We alternated between holding the wand near my clitoris and pressing it against the glass so the glass vibrated inside me. I also found that I preferred moving the head on and off rather than keeping it held permanently there as it seemed to increase stimulation.

If direct stimulation is too much, I’d recommend starting off using it over the top of your underwear. It’s equally as pleasurable but the vibrations aren’t as intense, so great for foreplay.

What I like about the wand is how versatile it is. I discovered after I bought the wand, that it also comes with several attachments including one that resembles Gonzo from the muppets. This as well as using it for it’s original intended purpose means it’s great to use as part of a sensual erotic massage. I’m also looking forward to conjuring up other ways of incorporating it into my bedroom routine including using it on my male partner. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the wand has been a resounding success. Now that I have it, I’m not sure what I’d do without it. I’m also looking it getting a portable version for those naughty trips away.

This is not a sponsored post and the wand was purchased with my own hard earned cash.

My first time wearing a collar

Last weekend I had the pleasure of wearing a collar for the first time. It’s something I’ve been keen to try for a while, but with the right person. The opportunity presented itself with a partner I felt I trusted enough to hand the lead over to.

The collar I chose was from Ann Summers and cost £15.00. The collar and handle are black velvet although you can get them in Burgundy. Unfortunately, they were out of stock in my local Ann Summers but I have posted a link below if you want to buy one online.  There’s an adjustable clasp in rose gold and a twisted rope lead.  

Ann Summers collar and lead with box

Ann Summers Velvet Collar and Lead

The collar felt comfortable around my neck; not too thick or itchy and it didn’t leave any marks behind. Nor did my partner have any trouble doing up the clasp.

The lead seemed strong (though we didn’t do any hard tugging) and was just the right length for our needs.

I love how sophisticated and classy it looks compared to some of the more harsher looking collars and leads. For someone who has never used one before, I found this far less intimidating. It perhaps won’t be as strong or as sturdy I’m guessing as some of those for the more advanced bondage lover, but for a beginner, this one was perfect.

We started off using it s a means of him pulling me closer for brief kisses. By giving him the lead, I was showing how much I trusted him and that made the experience far more intimate.

Physically and sexually it brought us closer together. There I was showing him my most vulnerable self and it made me feel powerful. He was guiding me rather than yanking or pulling and I was directed by his desires which inflamed my own.

The collar and lead lent itself well to doggy style and oral for him was also incredibly enjoyable for us both using it.

We discussed it in detail afterwards and the only concern my partner had was about the collar not going all the way around the neck. He was worried that the clasp would put undue pressure on the back of my neck, although this wasn’t something I found to be a problem but certainly something we’re going to monitor in the future.

After my first time using a collar and lead I can safely say that it’s is something I’m going to be incorporating more into the bed in the future.

Ann Summers Lead and Collar

A velvet collar and lead that’s perfect for beginners

I’ve added a link if you’re interested in checking it out for yourself: Ann Summers Burgundy Velvet Collar and Lead

FYI: This is not a sponsored post. The collar and lead I bought myself and I was not asked by Ann Summers to review it. I will always state if a post is sponsored or any item is gifted.