Lingerie Review – Crotchless Knickers & Cleaning My Toys

In my previous post I reviewed two new pieces of lingerie that I picked up in Ann Summers over the weekend. As well as the bodysuit and the black teddy I also selected a few other items that I didn’t have time to write about in my previous post.

Bonnie Crotchless High Waisted Suspender Brief

crotchless knickers

Crotchless Ann Summers Briefs in black


Besides bodysuits, I also love buying suspender briefs and stockings. I’m building up quite a bit of a collection. It’s also worth mentioning that I have these in purple as well as in the black that I bought at the weekend.


Purple Bonnie crotchless briefs from Ann Summers


The reason I decided to buy these in two colours is because not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they’re flattering to the stomach area. By being high waisted they flatten the stomach and they have detachable suspender straps so you can wear them with or without stockings.

The string detail at the front is an interesting touch and gives the briefs some extra interest in addition to the lace and sheer panelling. The harness-style strapping I think is very sexy, not to mention the fact that they’re crotchless.

I bought both in a size medium, which is 12-14 as they do come up on the large size. I’d go a size smaller than you actually are if you want these.

These were bought on their own but they do come as part of the Bonnie set, so it has a matching bra. The reason why I didn’t also buy the bra is that I already have the Bonnie bodysuit.

They were originally £18.00 but were in the sale for £10.00. Here’s a link if they take your fancy. Bonnie Briefs

Dick Lick & Cleansing Spray


First up, the sensible part. Clean your toys!! That’s right, your toys do need a proper clean and I was running a little low on what I would usually use, which are the buzz fresh cleansing wipes. However, I was finding I was going through quite a few, despite buying a pack of 30 (I have a lot of toys), so this time I went for the cleansing spray. It’s a 150ml bottle and was £8.00.

You spray it directly onto the toy and then wipe it with a damp cloth. This is an economical alternative to the wipes which didn’t seem to be doing the environment any good with all the individual packaging around each wipe.

I haven’t used it yet so I can’t attest to how well it works but I never had any problems with the wipes that were from the same range.

At the moment there’s a Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price deal on Sex Essentials so I thought it would be worth my while getting something else as part of the deal so I chose the Dick Lick gel in Bubble gum flavour. It’s £7.00 although it would be half that price if you buy it as part of the deal as I did. The deal seemed like a great way to try a new product without too much expense.

Again, I’ve not used this yet but I tasted it in the store and it seemed better than a lot of the other flavours that were a little too sweet. I also liked the bubble gum smell but again, until I use it a few time, I can’t say how good it is.

I have bought edible licks before from Ann Summers, the Tutti fruiti lube and I found that one far too sickly sweet, hence why I only bought this one in a small size. I’m not sure I’d buy this at full price considering how small it is but it seemed worth a try as part of the deal. Link here: Dick lick