Breast Cancer Awareness Month – The Boobie Bus has arrived

As you may know if you follow this blog, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. All over the UK events are taking place raising awareness about breast cancer. This is something I’m incredibly passionate about. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago and successfully fought, largely down to early detection. Since my grandmother also had breast cancer, I take it very seriously.

So, when a colleague, who is a breast cancer survivor herself, said that a boobie bus was arriving in our local leisure centre directly opposite from where I work, I knew I had to go and show my support.

the boobee bus

The BooBee Bus

The bus is part of the wider prevent breast cancer awareness campaign. This particular campaign is called BooBee, bee aware, bee protected, adopting the bee logo that is the symbol of Manchester.  The reason behind this is that Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester has one of the first Prevent Breast Cancer research Units in the country.

You can follow the bus’s route as it travels across Manchester. The route is as follows:

9th October – The University of Manchester

11th October – Sainsburys Cheadle

13th October – Manchester Airport

18th October – Gadbrook Park, Northwich

21-25th October – Piccadilly Train Station

28th October – IKEA in Ashton-U-Lyne

29th October – Egencia, Piccadilly Gardens

31st October – GMP Stockport

These are just some of the key areas, but you can find more locations on the Prevent Breast Cancer Awareness website if you want to come out and show your support and find the Boobee bus in your local area.

prevent breast cancer.jpg

Information and goodies from the Prevent Breast Cancer Campaign

On the bus itself there was information about the screening programme. This includes what we mean by breast screening, about the NHS breast screening programme and what happens when you attend a screening.

In addition, there was a rather cool little handy pocket guide to looking after your boobees, It shows you the kinds of things to look out for such as a visible lump on the armpit, dimpled or depressed skin, changes to the nipple, bloody discharges as well as lumps in the breast, to name but a few. I’d definitely recommend taking a look because there were signs even I didn’t know about.

The simple fact is, the earliest breast cancer is found, the better the chances are of you beating it, as with most cancers. So looking for any changes is vital as is getting it checked by your GP.

The BooBee bus goodies.jpg

Ways to get involved in the BooBee campaign

If you’d like to find out more then you can do so here: Prevent Breast Cancer

Twitter: @wepreventBC

Facebook: WeArePreventBreastCancer

Instagram: preventbreastcancer


My First Lingerie Review

As I promised, in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve decided to use this month to start reviewing lingerie here on The Secret World of Cydney. This is something that I’ve already been doing for a little while on Instagram, but I thought this blog would give me the opportunity to go into more detail.

With that in mind I’m excited to start off by sharing with you the first of two pieces of lingerie that I picked up yesterday in Ann Summers.

Ann Summers – Faro Body

This is called the Faro Body in black. As anyone who follows my Instagram knows, I’m obsessed with bodies. I find them incredibly flattering, especially if you have a curvy figure.

We all have parts of our bodies we’re uncomfortable with and for me, my stomach is one of those. A body is perfect because it hides the stomach area and accentuates your other assets. For me I think of it as sexy shapewear.

So, I was a little concerned when I decided to try this one on because of the cut out detail in the stomach area. Added to that, the panels on the side and I thought this would just show off my love handles and make me look like a sausage spilling out of its casing. How wrong I was.

This was so beautifully flattering that it’s now given me the confidence to try similar styles in the future, a style I would usually have walked straight past. But as this one was in the sale, I took a risk and I think it paid off.

Even better, they only had it in a size 12-14 so I tried that on and it fit perfectly. I’m usually a size 14/16 dress size. What I do love about Ann Summers is that their sizing comes up a little on the large size.

The Faro Body was originally priced at £24.00 and it was reduced in the sale to £10.00 which I was more than happy with.

This lurex bodysuit is a sparkly material and Ann Summers recommends on their website, that it’s worn with a pencil skirt for a night out, which I may give a go.

One final observation about the Faro Body is that when I initially picked it up I thought it was a swimsuit. It doesn’t have water resistant material but it actually does look like a swimsuit so I think you could get away with wearing it as such. Just make sure you don’t stay out in the sun too long in it or you’ll be left with some funky tan marks.

You can find it in the sale here: Faro Body

Ann Summers – Kasie Lace Teddy

The second piece I bought was this Kasie Lace Teddy, again in black. This is a size L, so a U.K. 16-18. Sizes range from x-small to x-large.

Again, this was also in the sale. It would retail usually at £20.00 and in the sale it was discounted to £12.00.

There are a couple of reasons I chose this teddy. First, like the Faro body is very flattering because it hides the lumps and bumps. But what I like it that it manages to stay sexy by being slightly see through, especially in the bust area.

I also love that it’s a shorts teddy rather than a straight dress which gives it a slight boyish feel, again whilst still looking sexy. The material is light so particularly good for the warmer months, hence why it was probably in the sale now it’s getting colder. Though if you’re planning to go away somewhere warm then this would be perfect of a night.

The ruffles and V-neck front flatter the more well-endowed out there without making you look overly busty. The only thing I think that would have made this even better would have been if there had been some discreet bust support. But I’m assuming by doing so, it would lose the sheer effect so I understand why.

If you don’t want the sheer effect then it looks great with a lacy bra and panties underneath. I’m assuming if you’re wearing this to bed then you wouldn’t bother.

If you’re interested in shopping for this then please follow the link: Ann Summers Kasie Teddy

If you liked this review, then stay posted because I also bought a few other items which I will also be reviewing in the coming days.

Lingerie Reviews for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honour of the fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought this would be the perfect time to start introducing lingerie reviews onto this blog whilst also promoting breast cancer awareness. This is something that is particularly close to my heart as both my mum and grandmother have had breast cancer, not to mention numerous friends and colleagues.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you want to know how you can support this great cause then no doubt there will be a Macmillan coffee morning somewhere near you. Alternatively, you can support @coppafeelpeople, a non-profit organization that exists to ensure breast cancers are diagnosed early and correctly. You can also follow the #grablifebytheboobs hashtag on Instagram.

Please, please ladies, make sure you are checking your boobs regularly. If you’re not sure how to do so, then your GP will certainly show you, mine did when I asked. If you notice a sudden unusual change in size or shape then do visit your GP. It’s the norm to have different sized boobs, so it’s only if you notice a sudden change.

If you’re checking your boobs regularly then you’ll come to know how they should look and feel and therefore notice any differences. You should be checking as far up as your armpits  and your nipples (which was news to me). Catching it early is the best way to improve survival chances to if you do nothing else today, make sure you’re checking your boobs.

As for my lingerie reviews, these will start arriving by the weekend, so do look out for those.

Coppa Feel website

Macmillan Coffee Mornings