Book Review- Pretending by Holly Bourne

TW: Rape, sexual assault

April finds herself constantly being rejected by men. So in a bid to take back the power she feels she’s lost, she creates the imaginary Gretel. She’s the kind of woman she thinks men want; funny, sexy, carefree with no baggage.

Pretending to be Gretel, April meets Joshua and decides she’ll make him fall in love with her, and then reject him, as she has been rejected. After all Joshua,is just another man and for April, all men are the same…arent they?

What can I say about this book? It’s not an easy read and for good reason because it’s suppose to make you feel uncomfortable.

I’d take notice of the trigger warnings. This is a book that deals with pretty upsetting subject matter, so look after yourselves and give this a miss if the subject matter is too close to home.

But for others, dont let the serious subject matter put you off. It’s also funny in places,  thanks to the monologues (especially around online dating).

April is such a complex and flawed character. Her journey through recovery is sensitively done. It’s full of raw emotions that meant it was a book I had to dip in and out of and is definitely one you need to be in the right frame of mind to read.

It also comes with a strong feminist message, sometimes a little too strong and in your face. Aside from that I’d have liked a stronger plot which is sacrificed for the sake of character development.

Rating: 4/5
I’ve chosen not to do a spice rating on this book due to the subject matter.

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